Whos helping to safeguard the UK against terrorism?

The defence industry isn’t just about protecting our Armed Forces, it’s about protecting us all as we go about our daily lives. The threat posed by terrorism is real and growing and we have a critical role to play in delivering security for the nation. Working in conjunction with the Government we develop the technologies the UK’s security forces need to keep us safe in these uncertain times.

You’ll find our equipment at airports scanning and detecting. You’ll find us at major events helping to ensure public safety. And you’ll find us at the heart of infrastructure protection, transport security and civil contingencies support. We live in uncertain times. Without a robust UK Defence Industry, they’d be more uncertain still.

Case Study

The ability to detect the presence of harmful chemical agents in the atmosphere will hopefully never be called into action, but the Smiths Detection Lightweight Chemical Detector, or LCD, gives servicemen and security forces increased protection in the event of a chemical attack.

Previous methods of detection have involved large pieces of equipment which have proved cumbersome and inconvenient to carry. However thanks to the innovative work done by companies such as Smiths, equipment is continually becoming more effective as well as user-friendly.

The unit developed uses Smiths patented Mini Ion Mobility Spectrometry technology repackaged for the battlefield to quickly detect chemical weapons agent vapour in the air and warn the soldier with visual and audible alarms. The system is hardy enough to work in even the most challenging of theatres.

But the defence industry’s input to Britain’s national security doesn’t end there. QinetiQ have developed the SPO-20 which can detect concealed weapons and explosives at a distance of 20 metres and one machine can scan 6 people per minute in crowded public spaces. As well as helping our troops on the frontline, the defence industry is also working hard to keep Britons at home safe too.

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