Whos ensuring our Armed Forces are provided with the world-class equipment they deserve?

Do we need a defence industry for that? Couldn’t we buy off the shelf? The UK Defence Industry has a track record of providing world-class equipment for our troops at internationally competitive prices. That shouldn’t be a surprise – our productivity is 15% above the UK manufacturing average while the National Audit Office has found that 75% of major programs run on time and to budget.

We are constantly upgrading equipment as conditions in theatre demand, and looking at ways to reduce the cost of procurement. The ‘Osprey’ body armour made by NP Aerospace means our troops are better protected and can withstand high-velocity rounds of firing. We know our Armed Forces inside out, and build versatile kit to their exact specification. So they do just exactly what they are supposed to do. It’s a perfect fit – economically and militarily.

Case Study

NP Aerospace, a company which has grown rapidly in recent years to become a world leader in its field, is a great example of the UK defence industry providing Britain’s armed forces with the world class equipment they deserve.

The Osprey body armour is considered amongst the very best personal protection equipment available to troops anywhere in the world. The days of uncomfortable and ineffective body armour are long gone, and Osprey has proved its worth many times with British troops around the globe.

The state-of-the-art armour is made using several different sections to provide maximum protection for the wearer whilst also allowing free movement. The shape of the vest is designed to spread the impact of the projectile across as wide an area as possible so that the wearer is not winded or otherwise incapacitated. The defence industry works closely with colleagues in the armed forces to ensure that the equipment we produce is of the highest quality and has the best possible levels usability as well.

So it’s not just the fighter jets and warships that the defence industry provides Britain’s troops with, but also the critical personal equipment that contributes so much to their effective operation.

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