When our troops are deployed, who provides support from factory to front line?

We’re proud to support our service men and women. And it’s not just a matter of developing and manufacturing equipment in the comfort of our labs and factories. We help maintain the facilities and equipment the Armed Forces have, assist in the delivery of our troops’ pre-deployment training, and some industry personnel are there on the frontline.

40% of the personnel supporting operations in Afghanistan are from defence companies. The long-standing relationship and close teamwork between the UK Defence Industry and our Armed Forces is of the utmost importance to us. Where they go, we go.

Case Study

Helicopters form a key part of our Armed Forces’ capability in all of the theatres in which they operate. The Merlin, manufactured by AgustaWestland based in Yeovil and used by the RAF and the Royal Navy is one of the most advanced helicopters of its kind, but without regular servicing to keep the fleet airworthy and regular training sessions to keep pilots and operators aware of upgrades to their equipment, the forces would not be maximising its capabilities. This is where the defence industry comes in…

To achieve the goal of keeping Merlin in theatre as much as possible, three companies in the defence industry – Serco, AgustaWestland and Lockheed Martin work together to improve the availability of Merlin helicopters for front line deployment, working to minimise the time they spend in refurbishment. At Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS) Culdrose – one of the largest helicopter bases in Europe, the IMOS team doesn’t just service the Merlin and provide spare parts for its avionics system, it also trains the Armed Forces to use it.

The Merlin’s position at the forefront of rotorcraft technology means it is a sought-after resource in conflict zones – it has proven itself to be a very effective search and rescue tool. The defence industry takes its role in supporting the fantastic work of the armed forces very seriously. Industry aims to provide service at the most competitive price but without compromising quality in any way.

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